A musical journey through the magical world of Alta.  

​​Program:  (1) The Alta Way, (2) In the Cantina, (3) No Friends on a Powder Day, (4) Gunsight, (5) I Lost Her on High Rustler, (6) Powder Day at Alta,

(7) It's a Long Way Down, (8) Choose a Line, (9) Winter Whiskey, (10) Lady's Man, (11) Somewhere in the Mountains, (12) Down to the Valley of Smoke,

(13) Excerpt from La Musica Notturna Strade de Madrid, No 6, Op 30, by Boccherini, (14) The Alta Anthem.  

Words and music for Winter Whiskey by Max Brennan, La Musica Notturna Strade is a classical piece, words and music for all other composition by Brian K. Jones.  


Misky Merino, Long time fan of Max Brennan's music


Includes: The Alta Way, No Friends on a Powder Day, I Lost Her on High Rustler

   Powder Day at Alta, Choose a Line, The Alta Anthem, and a whole lot more.

Hard Copies are Available From Brian & Max and on CD Baby

Copyright 2016 by Brian K. Jones and Max Brennan

"Inspired by Alta, the crown jewel of the Wasatch Mountains, these delightful melodies showcase the amazing musical talents of Brian and Max, creating true listening pleasure.  Those who know Alta, with its enigmatic secrets, will especially enjoy the charming lyrics." 

Robyn Christiansen,

Alf Engen Ski School instructor 1966-1986,

Children's Ski School Director and ski instructor, 1986-2012.

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"This in an awesome CD!"

Bonnie Sackett, 40-year skier at Snowbird and Alta.