"My affair with Alta and skiing spans 70 years in all seasons.  The Alta Way captures in song, the soul and heart, weirdness, charm, challenge and magic of this unique place in the world of skiing.  Enjoy the serenade."  Neal Sorenson, native son of Utah, connected to Alta for seven decades.  Served the U. S. Air Force as full career officer and aviator.  Retired to civilian life and home in Salt Lake City.  Lifelong skier and for 20 years and currently, a ski instructor at Alta.

​"Inspired by Alta, the crown jewel of the Wasatch Mountains, these delightful melodies showcase the amazing musical talents of Brian and Max, creating true listening pleasure.  Those who know Alta, with its enigmatic secrets, will especially enjoy the charming lyrics."  Robyn Christiansen, Alf Engen Ski School instructor 1966-1986, Children's Ski School Director and ski instructor, 1986-2012.

"Brian came to Little Cottonwood Canyon with a song in his heart. Genius met genius and their music is off the chart.  Brian dreamed of his music echoing in Little Cottonwood Canyon...I can almost hear it too."  John Weyhemeyer, long-time ski instructor at Alta.

"What a delight it is to sit down and listen to Brian Jones and Max Brennan's new CD "The Alta Way!"  Having spent many years of my life at Alta, Utah it was a wonderful way to bring back many memories of Alta and the wonderful life I had the opportunity of spending there. If you want to experience a wonderful time and bring back fond memories of Alta, "the greatest snow on earth," be sure you pick up a copy of "The Alta Way."  Sit back and share it with all your friends and family for a fantastic evening!"  Nic Nichol, Ski Instructor and Supervisor of the Alf Engen Ski School, 1976-2013.  Nic’s father, Mark Nichol, was an instructor for Alf Engen starting in the late 1940’s.  In 1950 he introduced Nic to skiing at Alta by putting him in the free Deseret News Ski School, which Alf Engen started in 1948 on the Bonneville Golf course.  That was the beginning of a life-long love affair with Alta.  In 1967 Alf hired Nic as a full-time Instructor and in 1972 Nic became a Supervisor for the Ski School.  He served in that position until retiring at the end of the 2013 season.  What a wonderful experience it was to spend 47 years in a place that I hold very dear to my heart and where I raised my children and grandchildren.

"This in an awesome cd!"  Bonnie Sackett, 40-year skier at Snowbird and Alta.

"Amazing!"  Misky Merino, long-time fan of Max Brennan's music.